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Strengthening Ministries Training Institute (SMTI) was established to provide training in biblical counseling and discipleship. Over the years it has become evident that there is a need for basic theological training that will better equip Christians in a theologically accurate understanding and practical use of Scripture.

In order to fulfill this need, SMTI will be offering a two-year program called Biblical Theology Equip. The lecturers will cooperate with other local and international pastors who hold to an inerrant, authoritative, and sufficient view of Scripture. The developers of this course have extensive theological training, ministerial experience, and expertise in the various theological disciplines that will be offered.

SMTI believes this training will equip Christian workers, pastors, and church members to better understand the Scriptures by introducing them to all of redemptive history, revealing the biblical themes, outlines, and content of each book of the Bible as well as the inter-Scriptural relationship each has with the rest of the Word. The Systematic Theology class will present what the Bible teaches regarding essential doctrines of the Christian faith while the Practical Theology class will help students apply what they have been taught over an eighteen-month period. The order and content of this program will give students confidence in the Scripture’s sufficient, understandable, and practical use in achieving its intended goal in and through every believer.

Course Content

A general introduction to the fundamentals of understanding and applying Scripture. The classes are: 1) A Survey of the Old Testament, 2) A Survey of the New Testament, 3) An Introduction to Systematic Theology, and 4) An Introduction to Practical Theology.

Course Outline
Year One – Semester One

Old Testament Survey: This class will consider each book of the Old Testament according to its structure, context, author, genre, purpose, and audience. This course will also focus on each book’s place in redemptive history, its types and shadows, and the expectation and preparation for the coming Messiah. The course also make references to current ideologies that oppose the teaching found in each book of the Old Testament Scriptures.

Year One – Semester Two

New Testament Survey: This class will consider each book of the New Testament according to its structure, context, author, purpose, and audience. This course will explain the different genres these books contain and how to understand them. The transition period from the Old Testament expectations to the New Testament fulfillments will be explained and their implications on interpreting Scripture will be outlined. This survey will consider the synoptics, narratives, epistles, and apocalyptic. This class will look at the pastoral letters, and this survey will include teaching on the various views on future events as well as their individual strengths, weaknesses, and implications for today. Throughout the class, lecturers will highlight current ideologies that opposes the teaching of the New Testament Scriptures.

Year Two – Semester One

Systematic Theology: This class is rooted in the presupposition that every Christian should be a theologian. It will assist students in understanding what the whole Bible teaches about the Scriptures, God, man, Christ, the Holy Spirit, redemption, and the Church.

Year Two – Semester Two

Practical Theology: This introductory class will show how theology becomes practical and will equip students in theologically accurate and practical application of Scripture in understanding and addressing the problems and struggles of persons in this fallen world.  Our desire is to promote growth in and usefulness for Christ in the Church and the world through the application of Scripture to everyday life. This class will cover such topics as the foundations of biblical change, the methods of biblical change, the theology of biblical change, the theology of the family, and the importance of  repenting of life – dominating sins. This class fulfills the minimum training requirement needed towards certification with the Association of Certified Biblical Counsellors (ACBC).

Course Dates for 2024
Feb 13 20 27  
March 5 12 19 26  
April 2 16 23 30
May 14 21 28
June 4 11 18    
July 9 16 23   30
Aug 6 13 20 27  
Sep 3 17  
Oct 1 15 22 29
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Dec 3 10      
Class Times

Class is from 6 to 9pm

Course Lecturers

Dr. Sybrand de Swardt

Dr. Sybrand de Swardt is Pastor of Lynnwood Baptist Church in Pretoria where he is the Director of Strengthening Ministries Training Institute (SMTI). Dr. Sybrand has completed his MA in Biblical Counseling from The Master’s University and has recently obtained his D. EdMin in Biblical Counseling from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Sybrand is both a plenary conference speaker and a workshop speaker at the annual ACBC Conference in the USA. Read More

Dr. Glenn Dunn

Dr. Glenn Dunn has been the Pastor at Cornerstone Bible Fellowship (CBF) in North Ridgeville, Ohio since 2004. Glenn has an BA in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio; a MA in Religious Education with an emphasis in Theological Studies from Grand Rapids Baptist Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan; and a D. EdMin in Biblical Counseling through Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Read More

Dr. John David Thompson

Dr. John David Thompson attended the Master’s Seminary where he earned his M.Div. (2010), Th.M (2012), and Ph.D. in Old Testament (2016).  John David served as a professor of Hebrew and Old Testament for three years and now serves as the preacher at Canton Bible Church in Canton, GA, where he has ministered since 2018.  John David and his wife Elyse have been married for eleven years and are blessed with four children. Read More

Dr. Ty Blackburn

Dr. Ty has served as the Senior Pastor of Providence Church in Duluth, Georgia since 1993. He received a B.S. from Shorter College (1986), studied at Reformed Theological Seminary (1988-1990) and received an M.Div. from Beeson Divinity School in 1991. He should complete his DEdMin in Biblical Counseling at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2023. Ty and his wife Patti have been married since 1986 and they have two adult children. Read More

Pr. Brahm Hattingh

Brahm started in Christian Ministry in 1991 and he has served in various capacities in churches since then. Of these the most significant was serving for 10 years as Pastor for Care and Counselling at Constantia Park Baptist Church. He has attended numerous short-term classes at The Masters Seminary and is a constant Theology student. Brahm is in the process of certification with the Association of Certified Biblical Counsellors (ACBC). Read More

Course Enrollment Process
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In-person or Online


R 2200 | In-person per semester
R 1500 | Online per semester

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