We welcome you to Lynnwood Baptist Church

At Lynnwood Baptist Church you will note a unique emphasis on the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. His life was one of obedience to God’s law and ended on earth when God punished His own son for our breaking of His law. He conquered death by rising from the grave so that you and I may confidently place our hope in Him, rejoicing that our guilt has been removed by Jesus. This is God’s plan for mankind. Living life in and for Jesus who gave himself for us is the essence of being a success. This message is the very cornerstone of our church and must be treasured in every believer’s heart, affecting every aspect of life so that a life once wasted on sin and rebellion may become useful in the Father’s hands. It is with this hope in the Saviour that we endeavour to preach God’s will for life and godliness. It is our desire that this message would comfort, encourage and motivate you to confess, turn from your sin and live for someone greater than yourself.




9:00  – Family Bible School

10:30 – Sunday Morning Worship

18:00 – Sunday Evening Worship


19:45 – Tuesday Chapel


17:45 – Growth Group Fellowship Meal

18:45 – Growth Group


10:00 – Ladies’ Bible Study


6:00 – Wired Men


7:30 – Prayer Meeting