Just for Starters

Aim of Just for Starters

To teach what the Bible says about 7 foundational areas of Christian belief and lifestyle:

  • Saved by God,
  • Trusting in God
  • Living God’s way,
  • Listening to God,
  • Talking to God,
  • Meeting with God’s family
  • Meeting the world.

To teach Christians how to read their Bible, how to make sense of a short passage and apply it to their lives.

Who is this course for:

  • Anyone that has  joined LBC in 2021
  • Anyone that went through the Christianity Explored classes
  • Anyone that feels as if they do not have a firm foundation in the fundamentals of the faith


 Henrico and Siovhan’s home

To register, click here.

Light meals and drinks will be served. Transport to and from the venue will be provided if needed.

Contact Information

For more information contact [email protected]